New Band: TONK

Tonk is Graham “The Night Honkey” Fry on the vocals and acoustic guitar, Lin Peterson on Telecaster guitar and vocals, Ben Barwick on bass and vocals, Bo Taylor on drums, and Shepherd Lane on the pedal steel guitar. We play country music the way God intended it to be played, that is, country music pre-somewhere-around-1978. Heavy on the Ray Price shuffle-walking-bass-line sort of thing, but bleeding into a Waylon / Paycheck harder honkey tonk style. You know, anything before the Eagles and Pure Prairie League bent country music over a barrel and had their way with it.

Downtown Raleigh Live

Old Habits – The Weight

No Strings Attached at Koka Booth

Carolina Bluegrass Festival 5.17.09 – Cary, NC

Show Dates & Music @

Jordan Lake Music Festival

Pour House with Caitlin Cary

Had a great time playing dobro with Caitlin Cary and her new band of local badasses! Here’s Something Less with Thad Cockrell. Thanks to my good friend, Heather Saunders, for capturing this on video.

Opening for Del McCoury Band in SC

It was a great experience to open for Del and the boys last Friday. Here’s a clip from the show…

Final dives

Neat silhouette shot of Robert & we finally found another seahorse. I have plenty more pics to upload this week…




Not ready to leave

4 more dives on friday…one tomorrow early am, then we’re renting cars to explore the island



Turtle chows down

Thursday’s afternoon dive was the best yet. We saw 2 Hawksbill turtles, I followed one to surface then the baby returned to the bottom, started chowing down on a piece of coral. then a queen anglefish starting coming in for scraps. We all sat and watched them work on it for a while, got a neat video i’ll get up later of my dad hand feeding a chunk of coral to the turtle.